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SB202 Explained

Governor Kemp signed SB202 into law less than 2 weeks ago and many of us are still unfamiliar with much of the content, beyond some of the more well-publicized items that we've been hearing on news reports. During our meeting tonight, we did a deep dive into SB202, but we thought it would be a good idea to include that presentation here, as well.

We are including two files for your review:

  • A PowerPoint presentation (saved as a PDF), has been created and will walk you through what we believe to be the most concerning areas of the bill. We discuss the ramifications of each area and what it might mean for voters in our state and we've also identified how each new change was previously handled/managed by either local or state Boards of Election.

SB202 Outline
Download PDF • 290KB

  • A PDF of the New York Times article that offers a thorough explanation into each area that we've included in the above presentation, plus a few more that we chose to exclude. This article is also available by clicking here, but you may encounter the NY Times pay wall, requiring you to subscribe, which is why we're providing the PDF version.

Download PDF • 266KB

We hope you take a few minutes to review these documents so that you're aware of the content within the bill and how it will impact Georgia voters in the future. If you'd like to become more engaged with the Voter Protection Task Force and learn about their activism efforts that are beginning now, and will be continuing through the 2022 election, please email Susan DeMoura at and she will get you connected with the Voter Protection Task Force Captain.



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