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What we believe and why we fight

Everyone deserves access to affordable health care.

  • Health care should be a right for all, not a privilege for some.  And no one should go broke trying to pay medical bills or afford life-saving medications.

  • Expansion of Medicaid in our state would provide health care to 400,000 Georgians currently without any form of insurance.  It would, quite literally, save lives.

  • Medicaid expansion would also save struggling rural hospitals from bankruptcy and allow those that have already closed to reopen, bringing well-paying jobs back to the community.

 Despite having no health care plan of their own, Republicans continue to obstruct and delay attempts to make health care affordable and reduce drug costs for life-saving medications like Insulin. Democrats will never give up the fight for all Americans' right to access high-quality
health care and low cost medications. 

Why aren't Republicans fighting to lower costs of health care and medication?

Women's rights must be protected.

  • The majority of Americans believe every woman should have access to high-quality reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion services.  Roe v. Wade is settled law.

  • Ratification of the ERA will facilitate pay equity for women in the workforce.   The benefits of this will have endless positive outcomes for women, their families, and their futures, not to mention dramatic economic growth.

  • Georgia ranks #2 in the nation for highest maternal mortality rate.  Access to OB/GYN physicians and hospitals offering labor and delivery services are limited in rural areas and as a result, women in GA are dying at a rate not seen in even third world countries. This must end.

Women's rights are slowly being whittled away by Republicans bent on eliminating access to reproductive health care, obstructing/voting down efforts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and standing idly by while rural hospitals and physician practices are shuttered due to lack of funding.  Women in Georgia are dying. We deserve better and will fight to protect women's rights everywhere. 

Why don't Republicans want women to earn equal pay for equal work?  And if, "My body, my choice," can be used to justify vaccine refusal, why doesn't it apply to women's reproductive rights?

Every child should have access to a world-class education, regardless of race, gender, identity, household income, or disability.

  • Rural communities with the highest concentration of low-income students need increased resources to help their children thrive. Services like universal Pre-K for children ages 3 and 4 will have a positive and dramatic impact on a child's academic success.

  • Currently, $23 billion more is being spent on schools in predominantly white districts.  States should reduce efforts to use vouchers and adopt progressive funding formulas that direct resources to schools that need it most.

  • Thanks to the Infrastructure Bill, increased federal investments in rural broadband will finally close the digital divide and ensure students can access educational resources now and into the future.

 Not a single House Republican voted for the Infrastructure bill, but they are more than willing to take credit for the tremendous benefits already being realized by states using the funding to enhance rural broadband services.  And while Republicans are clamoring for more educational voucher options, Democrats oppose these and other policies that divert taxpayer-funded resources away from the public school system. Vouchers rob the public treasury, reward institutions for discrimination, do not improve student outcomes, increase segregation, and weaken an enormously important public good that is our public education system. 


The climate crisis is a global emergency and must be addressed in our lifetime.

  • Expansion of solar and wind energy opportunities, (especially in rural communities), will create jobs, grow our economy, and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  

  • A focus on environmental justice is needed to address communities disproportionately affected by  hazardous environmental plant practices including air pollution and water contamination.

  • Utilizing science to develop solutions that will ultimately prevent/mitigate natural disasters like flooding and fires will save lives and money. 

While there are no Democrats at the federal level that deny the harsh reality of climate change, there remain well over 100 Republicans in Congress that staunchly refuse to admit its existence and the threat it poses.  Coincidentally, these same Republicans receive millions of contributions from the coal, oil, and gas industries each year.  They know their denial poses a danger to our country, its inhabitants and even a threat to our national security, but they are blinded by greed at the expense of our future. With the rise of huge auto plants focusing on manufacturing electric vehicles, coupled with the increase in wind, water, and solar power alternatives, Democrats are winning the fight to protect our world.

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