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The North Georgia Blue Podcast is a HIT!

Each week, Meral Clarke will interview guests from North Georgia and beyond, who are making a difference and leading the charge to turn Georgia blue.

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Season One Episode Guide


Episode 1:
June Krise
Chair of the 9th Congressional District Democrats of Georgia


Episode 2:
Doug DeMoura
Chair of the
Fannin County Democrats


Episode 3:
Noah May
Former Chair of the
Gilmer County Democrats

Lisa Gill Gardner Pic.jpg

Episode 4:
Lisa Gill Gardner
Former President of 9th District Democratic Women's Network


Episode 5:
Sarah Todd
Vice Chair of Congressional District Chairs and County Party Liaison for the Democratic Party of Georgia


Episode 6:
Mike Cobb
2nd Vice Chair of Fannin County Democrats and 9th District Vice Chair for Voter Protection


Episode 7:
Daniel Blackman
Executive Committee Chair of GA Sierra Club and Biden appointed Regional Administrator for EPA, Region 4


Episode 8:
Dr. Bette Holland
Chair of the Dawson County Democrats and Founder of the North Georgia Conservation Coalition

Melissa .jpg

Episode 9:
Melissa Clink
Chair of the Forsyth County Democrats and newly elected 6th Congressional District Chair

Tim Denson.jpg

Episode 10:
Tim Denson

District 5 Commissioner for Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and Chair of the Athens-Clarke County Democrats.

Holly McCormack Headshot.jpeg

Episode 11:
Holly McCormack
Democratic Candidate for
US Congress in the 14th District

Pete Fuller.jpg

Episode 12:
Pete Fuller

Pete is the Chair of the Jackson County Democrats, as well as Chair of the Democratic Party of  Georgia's
Rural Caucus

Mike Ford.jpg

Episode 13:
Mike Ford
Chair of the
Hall County Democrats


Episode 14:
Bee Nguyen
GA Rep for the 89th District, VC of Constituency Groups for the DPG, & candidate for GA Secretary of State.

Vinny Olsziewski.jpg

Episode 15:
Vinny Olsziewski

Chair of the 
Democratic Party of Georgia's Disability Caucus

Patty Durand.jpg

Episode 16:
Patty Durand

Democratic Candidate for 
Georgia Public Service
Commission, District 2

Justin Holsomback.jpg

Episode 17:
Justin Holsomback

DPG Secretary and Vice Chair of the Judicial Council for the Young Democrats of America

Nikema Williams.jpg

Episode 18: 
Nikema Williams
 US Congresswoman representing the 5th District of GA and Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia

Fred Swann.jpg

Episode 19:
Fred Swann

Democratic Candidate for
Georgia Agriculture Commissioner

Nicole Horn.jpg

Episode 20:
Nicole Horn

Democratic Candidate for
Georgia Labor Commissioner


Episode 21:
Nakita Hemingway

Democratic Candidate for Georgia Agriculture Commissioner


Episode 22: 
Devin Pandy
 Former Candidate for Mayor of
Gainesville, Georgia

Kolbey Headshot.jpg

Episode 23:
Kolbey Gardner

Former Democratic Candidate for
Georgia Lt. Governor

Wendy .jpg

Episode 24:
Wendy Davis

Democratic Candidate for 
US Congress in the 14th District


Episode 25:
Lateefah Conner

Former Democratic Candidate for 
US Congress in the 14th District

Erick Allen.jpg

Episode 26: 
Erick Allen

GA Rep for 40th House District and candidate for GA Lt. Governor

Charlie Bailey-Preferred.png

Episode 27:
Charlie Bailey

Democratic Candidate for
Georgia Lt. Governor

(Note: at the time of this episode's airing, Charlie Bailey was a candidate for GA Attorney General)


Episode 28:
Marisa Pyle

Rapid Response Organizer
with Fair Fight Action

Jessica Orvis.png

Episode 29:
Jessica Newton-Orvis

Vice Chair of the
Bulloch County Democrats


Episode 30: 
Renitta Shannon

GA Rep for 84th House District and candidate for GA Lt. Governor


Episode 31:
Saira Draper

Democratic Party of Georgia's Voter Protection Director


Episode 32:
Ted Terry

First Vice Chair of
Democratic Party of Georgia and Dekalb County Commissioner

Season Two Episode Guide


Episode 1:
Melita Easters

Founding Chair and Executive Director of the Georgia WIN List


Episode 2: 
Preston Thompson

Coordinator for the