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You need them.... We have them!


Here is a list of thought-provoking & insightful documentaries for your consideration.



"Collapse" explores the theories, writings and life story of controversial author Michael Ruppert.  Ruppert is a former member of the LAPD and describes himself as an investigative reporter and radical thinker, believing that unsustainable energy and financial policies have led to an ongoing collapse of modern industrial civilization.

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Four Horsemen

"Four Horsemen" criticizes the system of fractional reserve banking, debt based economy, and political lobbying by banks, regarding them as serious threats to Western civilization.
It furthermore criticizes the war on terror, maintaining it's not being fought to eliminate al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other militant organizations, but to create larger debts owed to banks.  And it provides as an alternative, a return to classical economics and the gold standard.

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Why We Fight.jpg

Why We Fight

"Why We Fight" describes the rise and maintenance of the US military-industrial complex and its 50 year involvement with the wars led by the US to date (up to 2005).                                                                       This documentary asserts that in every decade since WWII, the American public has been misled so that the government could take them to war and fuel the military-industrial economy, maintaining American political dominance in the world. 
Interviews with John McCain, CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, politician Richard Perle, commentator Bill Kristol, writer Gore Vidal, and public policy expert Joseph Cirincione are included.

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Knock Down the House

"Knock Down the House" revolves around the primary campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin, four progressive Democrats running for office in 2018.         

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Dark Money

"Dark Money" describes the effects of corporate money and influence in the American Political System.   It tracks the influence of corporate money, using the state of Montana as the primary case study, and engages with the complex history that Montana state politics has with corporate influence.  One example reviewed spotlights the influence of mining corporations that ultimately cause state legislators to relax mining regulations in the state, resulting in an environmental catastrophe in Butte, causing problems that still persist today.

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United States of ALEC 

Click on this image for first episode, broadcast in 2012.
Click on this image for follow up, originally broadcast in 2018.

"The United States of ALEC" is an unprecedented television report on the most influential corporate-funded political force most of us have never heard of: the American Legislative Exchange Council.                       Despite presenting itself  as a "non-partisan public-private partnership,"  ALEC is a vast network of corporate lobbying and political action aimed to increase corporate profits at public expense.  
In state houses across the country, hundreds of pieces of boilerplate ALEC legislation are proposed or enacted that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some Americans to vote, and limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers--each accomplished without the public knowing who's behind it.

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