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Your donation will help us
continue getting into "good trouble" in North Georgia.

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Rising Up, Speaking Out, Proudly Representing Democrats in Fannin County as part of the 
9th Congressional District in Georgia. 


Join us for our next monthly meeting!

Monday, September 18th, at 6:00pm


Meeting date and location have changed to the third Monday of each month at the Fannin County Senior Center, located at 440 West First Street in Blue Ridge.

Click here for our 2023 Meeting Schedule

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Your vote is your voice, so make it heard!

Voting in Georgia is becoming more challenging by the year, thanks to suppressive tactics like purges and precinct closures.  Check your voter registration status at least once per quarter to ensure it remains current.


Let's talk about what matters to Democrats. 

Whether it's health care, equal rights, education, the climate crisis, common sense gun reform, veterans care, social justice, or voting rights, Democrats understand that there's no single issue that matters more than the rest, and we're tackling these issues and others like them every day. 


But we're not just doing it for other Democrats.  We're doing it for everyone.

We are STRONG.
We are courageous.
We are resilient.

We are 

FCDP's North Georgia Blue Podcast is a HIT!

Boldly going where no other county has gone before, the Fannin County Democrats now have their own podcast!


And it's already Google ranked #1 when searching for

Best Democratic Podcast in Georgia! 


Each week, Meral Clarke will interview Democrats

from North Georgia and beyond, who are

making a difference and leading the charge to keep

Georgia BLUE in 2022.


We'd love for you to JOIN US at our next meeting

We are gearing up for a HUGE year and want you to be part of all the events we're planning!

Click here to learn more, make a plan to attend, and keep checking back for new opportunities to join us in 2023!

The Fannin Democrats have a variety of ways for you to stay active and engaged in fighting the good fight.

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Join an FCDP Task Force so we can 

Check it early!  Check it often!

Georgia's voter rolls are purged frequently and with little notice.  Make sure you're still considered an active registered voter by performing a monthly check of your voter registration status.

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Let's face it. 
Republicans can't win unless we can't vote.  And they're doing everything within their remaining power to prevent us from having our voices heard and our votes count. 


To learn more about the nefarious ways Republicans are blocking the will of the people, please take some time to watch these documentaries and interview with Stacey Abrams that highlight the many examples of how they're suppressing votes of Democrats across the country. 

Suppressed: The Fight to Vote,

Featuring Stacey Abrams

Rigged: The Voter Suppression


Stacey Abrams on Voter Suppression in 21st Centure

Voter Protection, NOT Voter Suppression!

Georgia Republicans are running scared and doing all they can to suppress the will of the voters in our state.  We must ensure that we ALL have ample access to polls and absentee ballots in 2022 and beyond. The FCDP Voter Protection Task Force is working hard for all of us to ensure our vote will be counted and our voices heard.

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