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The Fannin Democrats have created a way

for us all to stay active and engaged. 

Join an FCDP Task Force to keep Georgia BLUE in 2022

Learn more about each of the new Task Forces and sign up to join us, using the form at the bottom of this page.


Our Fundraising Task Force will organize  fundraising ventures throughout the year, with the primary goal of being able to support all of our candidates that run for office, up and down the ballot.  It will also be responsible for partnering with local charities to foster further goodwill and enhanced awareness of the FCDP brand, further embedding our group in the community.



Our Voter Protection Task Force will work to support the efforts of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Fair Fight and other groups to advance the goals of protecting voters and their rights.  Through education and activism, this group will also mount a campaign to teach voters about their rights at the ballot box and will work to influence elected officials to prevent legislation at the state level that would jeopardize the rights of registered voters.  It will also recruit volunteers to deploy at polling locations and as ballot monitors during election cycles.


Our Candidate Recruitment Task Force will identify and mentor viable candidates to run in the upcoming local elections.  They will also coordinate efforts with other 9th District counties to recruit candidates running for State House and Senate seats. In 2022, this group will shift its focus from recruitment to support, to ensure candidates are confident and have the tools and resources to run for office.

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Our Community Outreach Task Force is responsible for increasing membership of the FCDP, as well as the population of Democratic voters in Fannin County through various GetOutTheVote mobilization and voter registration efforts.


Our Social Media Task Force will leverage social media to support candidates and legislative initiatives, influence public opinion, and enhance FCDP's visibility and prominence on a variety of platforms.  Members of this group will also be responsible for writing letters to the local news outlets to further the Democratic message in our community.

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